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Jackson's Journey

Jackson was diagnosed on the 1st of June 2020 with Microcephaly, Partial Lissencephaly and Polymicrogyria. Jackson suffered from an abnormal brain development which occurred when we was in the womb. We are unsure what the cause was, as we will still need to do the genetic testing later. It has affected him reaching his milestones, gross & fine motor & social skills and affecting the way he eats. All we can do, is as much therapy as possible to enable him to learn, grow stronger and reach his milestones.

My husband Nicholas Roberts, and I (Jade) own and run The Roberts Swimming Academy, in Durban; Musgrave & Durban North. We have two children, Lila (3years) and Jackson (1years).

We are both private people and it's extremely difficult for us to be in this position to ask for help, however it's not about us. This is about Jackson and making sure he gets absolutely everything he needs and a quality of life he so deserves. This is Jackson's Journey, His Story. But we can't do this alone, we have tried. We need your help please!

Every opportunity for Jackson to learn and grow stronger costs money and we can only do so much, with the business taking a huge financial hit during covid, we are battling to keep up with his medical bills, and he needs more therapy than he is getting right now. I work with Jackson all day, focusing on his physical and cognitive therapies. We have formed the most incredible group of therapists who are so dedicated & determined in helping Jackson.

Jackson needs on a weekly basis, 2hrs of OT, 2hrs of PT, 30min of Speech, 30min of Feeding therapy. He is swimming twice a week 30min and has two 30min massages.

Early intervention is critical! He has shown amazing progression in all of his therapies which is a huge indication of how important it is & that it WORKS! Jackson is going to accomplish the challenges he faces every day, but we need you to jump on board Team Jackson.

If you can, please help this amazing little boy whose going to get better and run, jump & play ball with his sister Lila, go fishing & surfing with his daddy, teach others about love and compassion, read, write & paint, sailing, climbing and diving.

With your help, Jackson can achieve anything he wants to!

Thanking you from the bottom of our hearts, Nic, Jade, Lila & Jackson



R4480-R5600 per month


R4272-R5340 per month


R1200-R1500 per month


R1200-R1500 per month


R800-R1000 per month


R1230-R3000 every six months checks or when necessary/advised by the doctor


R2000 every six months or when necessary/advised by the doctor


R14940 per month


God for healing Jack everyday in every way

The therapists Tamaryn, Nicole, Rochelle, Jemima and Celine

Redge and Jenna Jelliman, their family members and friends for the ongoing support.

Darryl from madbot for the website design.

Lastly a big thank you to our family and friends that have been with us on this journey so far, offering help and support. Thank you thank you thank you

There's not enough room on the internet to explain our appreciation.